Required Documents

There are two sets of documents that Members must submit to their Health Career Advisors: “Scanned and Uploaded” as well as “Notarized and Mailed.

Scanned and Uploaded Documents

The items below must be scanned and uploaded onto your Enrollment Application:

    • One recent (within 12 months) digital passport photo
    • Proof of personal health insurance

      Any of the following 3 items will establish that you have health insurance while in clinicals (click here for min coverage requirements):

      • Copy of a valid insurance card issued to the member (front and back), OR
      • Copy of a valid health insurance policy issued to the
        member, OR
      • Purchase a temporary “travelers health insurance” plan (click here for recommendations)
    • Proof of 6 immunizations

      The following may be documented by your primary care physician, or on clinic or hospital letterhead:

      • Tetanus: single dose within last 10 years OR positive tetanus toxin antibody titers OR download a waiver
      • Hepatitis B: triple dose OR positive HBsAB titers OR form, AND
      • Varicella: single/double dose varicella antibody titers OR immunity by history of disease OR download a waiver form, AND
      • Mumps & Measles & Rubella (MMR): single/double dose OR positive triple antibody titers to Mumps & Measles & Rubella, AND
      • Tuberculosis: TB blood test OR negative TB skin test (within the last 12 months) OR history of a positive TB skin test + negative QuantiFERON TB blood test within last 30 days OR history of a positive TB skin test + normal chest X-ray within last 12 months. Please note that certain clinical sites require a “two step PPD” test prior to the start of your clinicals, which may also delay your start date.
      • (Only Required by Some Sites) Influenza (flu shot): some clinical sites require a single dose of a flu shot (US strands) within last 12 months; ask your Residency Enrollment Specialist if this applies to you.

Clinical Authorization Letter

(Medical Students, Externs, and Residents only)

Must upload a color scanned copy of the Clinical Authorization Letter, completed, sealed and signed by their school officials.


Notarized and Mailed Documents

The items below MUST BE NOTARIZED and mailed to our office by a traceable courier such as FedEx or UPS within 24 hours of your Membership payment:

  1. To Confirm Your Medical Education (select any 1 of 3):
    • ECFMG Certificate, OR
    • Medical diploma from an IMED recognized school (or its official English translation), OR
    • Medical school transcript from an IMED recognized school (or its official English translation)
  2. To Confirm Your Identity and Legal U.S. Immigration
    Status (select any 1 of 7; must not be expired, or expire during
    scheduled clinicals):

    • U.S. or Canadian naturalization certificate with picture, OR
    • U.S. or Canadian Passport picture and information page, OR
    • U.S. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card; front and back), OR
    • Non-U.S. Passport picture and information page from one of 36 Visa Waiver Program participating countries (max 12 week clinical enrollment per U.S. entry), OR
    • U.S. Employment Authorization Card with picture, OR
    • U.S. or Canadian government issued identification and birth certificate, OR
    • Non-U.S. Passport, PLUS
      • F1 student visa that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals, OR
      • Expired F-1 visa with an I-20 extension that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals, OR
      • Form I-94 or I-94A that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals.

We recommend that you use a traceable courier such as FedEx or UPS (not basic email your tracking number to our office so that we  may track these documents and ensure our timely receipt. Mail the above two notarized documents to the following address: