Steps to Clinicals

Becoming Fully Enrolled Certified (FEC) is a time critical phase of your enrollment, which immediately follows your Membership.

Although your Clinical Blocks are “Reserved and Approved” at Membership, they may be reassigned to other Members in case you do not become  FEC within 7 days of Membership.  Therefore the speed at which you complete the following 3 steps will determine if you will start your 1st Clinical Block on time. In order to expedite this process, a Compliance Officer will be assigned to you, who will walk you through the following 3 steps:

STEP 1: Required Documents

Submit all required documents within 5 days

STEP 2: Clinical Orientation, HIPAA and HIPAA

  1. View Part 1 of 2: Clinical Orientation, Acculturation & Expectations
  2. View Part 2 of 2: HIPAA Patient Confidentiality
  3. Take the HIPAA Test now (password protected; will be included in your Membership email or contact for access)

STEP 3: Maintain Good Financial Standing

Stay up-to-date with any required payments as determined by your payment plan Sponsored by an institution? Please contact to confirm your financial status.