Steps to Membership

Getting membership is easy.

The following links will guide you to becoming a Member of Medicalrotation Medical Society:

STEP 1: Apply, Authorize & Agree

  1. Complete the Medicalrotation Membership Application online
  2. Students & Residents Only: Submit our to your school or residency supervisor for approval; must later submit as a required document
  3. Digitally sign our Enrollment Agreement (sent by email)

STEP 2: Pay Invoice & Clinical Deposit

  1. Review and select your payment plan
  2. Agree to your itemized “Invoice and Clinical Schedule” email and pay for your Membership + 10% of total invoice directly from invoice
  3. Prepare to pay the remaining 90% balance due within 7 days, or arrange for a payment plan
  4. Sponsored by an institution? Please contact us to confirm a working relationship with your sponsoring institution, make financial arrangements and provide you with a clearance

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