Hands-on Clinicals

We offer hands-on, insured clinical experience across the nation.

With over 300 clinical sites and over 100 teaching hospitals to choose from, we have one of the largest networks of clinical affiliations in the country. Each clinical experience is only considered complete after the attending has completed an evaluation, which is a valuable and objective supplement to a letter of recommendation. Our attending physcians have been handpicked for their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm: they have joined our team because they love to teach.

Your attending physician will guide you through the culture of U.S. healthcare, helping you navigate the black-and-white rules as well as subtleties that every U.S. medical graduate learns during medical school. 
During each clinical experience, you will learn and hone skills in documenting methods such as charting, SOAP notes, admitting and discharge orders, and electronic as well as hand-written data systems. You’ll be encouraged to conduct oral case presentations and share physical findings, and communicate with patients and their families, your colleagues, and the medical staff. While covered by extensive medical liability insurance, you will obtain the experience needed to become an asset to any U.S. residency program.

Our clinical features include:

  • Community Healthcare Experience (mostly outpatient; inpatient unlikely)
  • Hospital Guarantee (community hospital exposure less than or equal to 50%)
  • Teaching Hospital Guarantee (teaching hospital exposure less than or equal to 50%)
  • Inpatient (community or teaching hospital exposure greater than or equal to 50%)
  • Hospitalist (an IP Premium Specialty, e.g. Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, or Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, etc. almost exclusively HG or THG)