Interview Preparation

When it comes time for interview season, we can help with that too!

We conduct our Mock Match Interview sessions via internet, phone and live prep in select cities and the benefits are incalculable. Our Mock Match Interview program is broken into 3 steps in order to help you improve in all aspects of the interview process.

  • Part 1:

    A comprehensive questionnaire featuring the questions most favored by residency programs.

  • Part 2:

    A session with our Residency Interview Coordinator, who will analyze your questionnaire and coach you on your interviewing techniques and personal presentation.

  • Part 3:

    A customized session with our team built around your common application form and personal experience that includes:

    • Six questionnaire packages to choose from with both group and private session options
    • Customized notes based on your session with our team, as well as standard guidelines and best practices for professional conduct.
    • Recordings of both of your sessions available at any time for your review and education.